Sweet Indulgence - Gift Box

Sweet Indulgence - Gift Box

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About This Gift

The Sweet Indulgence candy and sweets gift box is a luxurious assortment created to satisfy even the most discerning sweet tooth. Overflowing with a selection of decadent treats.

Whether shared with loved ones during special occasions or presented as a lavish gesture to friends and family, this exquisite array of sweets is certain to bring smiles and create unforgettable moments for all who receive it.

This candy and sweets gift box will put a smile on anyone's face. Enjoy the sweet indulgenceThis gift is perfect for Valentine's Day, Christmas, holiday, or any occasion.


  • Creme Wafers
  • Popcorn
  • Assorted Sweets
  • Cookies
  • Cookie Straws
  • Candy
  • Nuts

We assemble and ship our baskets the same day or the next after receiving the order to ensure maximum freshness.

We may substitute items in this gift with others that are of equal or superior quality within the same food category.

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Peanut Brittle

Our award-winning peanut brittle. Dillon's Peanut Brittle is hand stretched using a family recipe that will leave you exclaiming,"This is the best brittle I have ever eaten"! Thin and Delicious - Always fresh!

Pecan Roll

Hand-made gourmet pecan rolls that consist of a light, fluffy, nougat center. Rolls are dipped in rich caramel and then rolled in the freshest fancy, pecan halves.

Chocolate Wafers

Our most graceful taste yet. Our Dark Chocolate Crème delivers darker chocolate flavor and this wafer is the perfect dessert companion for any event, or simply to accompany that glass of red wine. When you are looking for something sweet, crispy, and indulgent.

Pecan Pralines

Fresh pecans with an all natural, buttery, praline candy coating delivers a real taste of the South.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Not just chocolate, but a divinely chocolate delicacy. Rich chocolate chips swirled into a mouthwatering treat made with sweet-cream butter, pure cocoa, fresh-flaked oats and crunchy pecans. An intensely chocolate experience. The ultimate chocolate indulgence!

Caramel Shortbread Cookie

What happens when melt-in-your-mouth shortbread meets the delicious duo of sweet caramel and finely grained sea salt? A sweet and salty harmony of taste and texture. Tingles of sea salt contrast with rich, sweet caramel in beautiful balance, with a delightful buttery shortbread. Artful—and addictive!

Gilliam Candy Stick

No pits, no stems, all the sweet cherry flavor you want... These bright red candy sticks are a classic favorite!

Almond Roca - Original Butterscotch Toffee with Almonds

Enjoy the original buttercrunch toffee with chocolate and almonds and experience the sweet and savory perfection only with Brown and Haley's Almond Roca. The toffee center is covered in Brown and Haley's signature blend of chocolate and ground almond pieces, giving it a rock-like appearance, thus named "Roca" (Spanish for Rock).


The salty-sweet popcorn treat you’ll crave. We start with delicious caramel popcorn made with real butter and brown sugar. It’s covered in gooey caramel, the perfect amount of sea salt, a sprinkling of roasted cashews and a final drizzle of milk and dark chocolatey goodness.