A match made in culinary heaven, meat and cheese are a timeless combination that delights the palate. Gift Basket
Village celebrates this iconic duo, crafting artisanal sausage and cheese gift baskets for over 23 years. With an unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship, we source only the finest meats and cheeses to create gifts that showcase the best of both worlds. Our hand-selected pairings showcase nuanced flavors and textures, inviting you to discover new favorites and savor the tradition behind each bite. Let us help you find the perfect gift basket to satisfy even the most discerning cheese and charcuterie connoisseurs. Gift Basket Village takes pride in bringing people together through our signature meat and cheese gifts.

Meat & Cheese Gifts

Meat and Cheese Gift Boxes

18 products
    18 products


    With over 23 years of experience crafting gourmet sausage and cheese gift boxes, Gift Basket Village ensures only the finest ingredients make their way into your holiday celebrations. This Christmas, honor traditions and connect with loved ones by sharing Gift Basket Village's artisanal offerings.

    Our sausages pair impeccably with aged cheeses, uniting complementary flavors in perfect harmony. Gift Basket Village's Beef Summer Sausage dances effortlessly with aged cheddar. With curated meat and cheese pairings to suit every palate, Gift Basket Village makes gift-giving easy.

    Let Gift Basket Village's decades of expertise guide you in savoring life's special moments this Christmas. Our meticulous craftsmanship transform each gift box into a memorable experience shared with those who matter most.


    Bringing joy across the nation, Gift Basket Village delivers savory bites of summer sausage and gourmet cheese. With every order, we guarantee our delectable gifts arrive fresh and ready to delight your loved ones. Let us handle the packaging and shipping, while you sit back knowing smiles await as your sausage and cheese gift basket lands on their doorstep. Our classic combinations make gift giving easy - simply choose your favorites from our selection of quality meats and cheeses. Gift
    Basket Village has been helping spread cheer through summer sausage and cheese gifts for years. Trust us to deliver thoughtful flavors to doorsteps near and far.