Care Package Gift Baskets

In these difficult times, we all need a little extra care and comfort. A care package filled with tasty treats can lift someone's spirits and remind them they're not alone. Whether it's for a college student missing home, a service member deployed overseas, or a healthcare hero working long hours - a thoughtful gift box lets them know you're thinking of them. We've curated our care packages with love, including cozy favorites and heartwarming snacks. Send a piece of home to show you care. Spread a little joy today with a personalized care package delivered straight to their door.

Care Packages

Care Package Gift Baskets

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    29 products


    When your loved ones live far away from you, it's hard to stay connected. Though the distance separates you physically, your heart is always with them. Sending a care package is a thoughtful way to remind them of home and show you care, even when you can't see each other. Pack it with their favorite treats, a warm blanket, photos, or little mementos - each item expressing your love. Watch their face light up when your gift arrives on their doorstep, a tangible "I'm thinking of you" message they can hold in their hands. Though miles come between us, care packages bridge the gap, keeping our bonds strong until we meet again.


    As parents, we know how hard our college kids work - burning the midnight oil in the library, cramming for exams, writing paper after paper. With their busy schedules, it's no wonder they rely on cheap frozen meals and snacks to get by.

    But they deserve better! That's why a lovingly packed care package from Gift Basket Village is the perfect way to nourish their bodies and lift their spirits.

    Imagine your son or daughter gathering with friends to snack on hearty meats, nuts and cheeses after a study session. Our gift baskets are thoughtfully crafted with quality ingredients to provide real nutrition and comfort.

    Sending a care package lets your student know just how proud you are of them and how much you care. It's a little piece of home they can savor when they need it most. Show your college kid your love today with a delicious Gift Basket Village care package delivered straight to their door!


    So no matter where your family member or friend may be, we can send it to them. Sending a box of premium sausage, cheese and crackers. It’s perfect for an easy snack, no matter where you are.


    Let your loved ones know you're thinking of them by sending a thoughtful care package filled with delicious goodies. Select premium snacks and trail mixes to nourish their body and soul. Include sweet dried fruits to satisfy their cravings in a healthy way. With Gift Basket Village's help, you can easily brighten someone's day and bring comfort, no matter the distance between you. This holiday season, surprise friends or family with a personalized Christmas care package. They'll feel your warm embrace with each bite.


    When someone dear to your heart is far from home, it can feel like there's an aching distance between you. Though you may be apart, sending a care package is a thoughtful way to remind them that they're in your thoughts and prayers. Fill a box with their favorite treats, photos, or small mementos of home to nourish both body and soul.

    For a soldier overseas or a child away at summer camp, cookies and candy can lift their spirits with the sweet familiar flavors of childhood. College students will appreciate snacks to power late night study sessions. Even practical items like cozy socks or toiletries from home can provide comfort.

    Whatever you include, a care package says "I care about you" in a tangible way. It's a gift of love that crosses the miles between you, letting your special person know their wellbeing and happiness matter. Though you can't be together, you can thoughtfully bridge the gap until the day you can embrace once more.