How to Choose a Gift Basket

Gift baskets come in all shapes and varieties which makes picking the right one both fun and challenging. When selecting a gift basket, consider the following.

1. Occasion

All occasions deserve something special to remember them by. Pick your gift basket based on the nature of the occasion – for example, a spa basket would make a wonderful gift for Mother’s Day, whereas an employee appreciation event deserves nothing less than a basket filled with sinfully decadent chocolates.

2. Contents / Restrictions

Gift baskets come packaged with a variety of treats, however you should always consider the recipient’s dietary / religious limitations when ordering. Study the basket’s contents when ordering and look for items that contain alcohol, nuts, dairy products or meats. When in doubt, ask – some vendors may even be flexible enough to remove individual products from the final gift basket prior to shipping.

3. Budget

We all need to work within a budget so while a Corporate gift basket may run well in the hundreds of dollars, a simple but elegant holiday cheer basket may be had for under $50. For larger orders, consider ordering a set of similar baskets which often present excellent value. Finally, don’t forget to account for shipping and handling and keep an eye out for seasonal promotions.