Buffalo sauce is a tangy, spicy, and buttery concoction that has become synonymous with classic American comfort food. The combination of Frank's hot sauce, unsalted butter, garlic powder, honey, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper creates a perfect balance of flavors. The hot sauce provides the signature spicy kick, while the butter adds richness and smoothness. Round it out with some spice and sweetness, and you've got a sauce that is not versatile and easy to make with simple ingredients!

This buffalo chicken wing sauce couldn't be easier to make! Add the ingredients to a pot and bring them to a boil to marry all the flavors together. An egg yolk slurry is then added along with cornstarch to thicken it up, giving it its signature velvety texture. Once thickened to you're liking, it's to add a tangy zest to your favorite foods.

Even though buffalo sauce is mainly used to coat chicken wings, its use doesn't stop there. Drizzle it over grilled or roasted chicken for an extra burst of flavor, or toss it with cooked shrimp for a spicy twist. It can also be used as a dipping sauce for crudites or vegetables or as a flavorful topping for burgers, sandwiches, and even pizza. Once you have a batch of homemade Buffalo sauce on hand, you'll find yourself getting creative in the kitchen and discovering new and delicious ways to enjoy it. It's that good!

Homemade Buffalo Sauce Recipe


  • Making homemade buffalo sauce from scratch gives you complete control over the ingredients, allowing you to customize the heat level and sweetness to suit your taste preferences. You can adjust the amount of hot sauce and honey to create a sauce that is mild and slightly sweet or fiery and bold.
  • All of the ingredients for the sauce are simple and can be found in any grocery store, even the hot sauce!
  • No special cooking skills are needed to whip up a batch of homemade buffalo sauce. Simply add everything to a pot, heat, and mix.
  • Whether you're a fan of traditional buffalo wings or looking to add a kick to other dishes, this homemade sauce has got you covered, from marinades to dipping sauce or as a zesty topping to many different foods.


  • Frank's Red Hot Sauce - This iconic hot sauce is the star of the recipe. Its vinegary base and cayenne pepper infusion add the perfect amount of heat and acidity. You can find this hot sauce in any grocery store.
  • Unsalted Butter - Adds richness and creaminess, balancing out the spiciness of the hot sauce while creating a smooth and velvety texture.
  • Garlic Powder - Brings a subtle yet distinct garlic flavor to the sauce that compliments its zesty notes.
  • Honey - Acts as a natural sweetener to counterbalance the heat of the hot sauce rounding out the flavor profile.
  • Worcestershire Sauce - Adds savory notes and enhances the overall taste profile giving the sauce a classic umami flavor.
  • Black Pepper - Adds a subtle hint of spiciness and warmth to the sauce.
  • Egg Yolk - Acts as an emulsifier in the sauce, helping to create a smooth and cohesive texture that coats chicken wings beautifully.
  • Cornstarch - When combined with the egg slurry and heated, it helps thicken the sauce and gives it a slightly glossy appearance that helps it stick to whatever food it's coated in.
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Combine ingredients: To a medium-sized pot, add the hot sauce, butter, garlic powder, honey, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper.

Heat the sauce: Turn the heat to medium-high until the sauce starts to boil. Whisk occasionally. Once it comes to a boil, turn the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes to develop the flavor.

Thicken buffalo sauce: Let the sauce cool in the pot for 5 minutes while you make the egg slurry. Mix the egg yolk, water, and cornstarch in a small bowl until everything is well combined. slowly pour the mixture into the buffalo sauce while vigorously whisking until the sauce thickens. Use immediately or store for later use. Enjoy!


  • To control the spiciness level of the Buffalo sauce, adjust the amount of Frank's hot sauce used. Start with the recommended amount and gradually add more if you prefer a hotter sauce, or reduce it if you prefer a milder version. Taste and adjust accordingly to find your perfect balance of heat.
  • When simmering the sauce in the slow cooker, stir it to ensure all the ingredients are evenly distributed. This will help prevent any potential sticking or scorching.
  • If you prefer a thicker sauce consistency, you can increase the amount of cornstarch in the recipe. Gradually add more cornstarch mixed with water, whisking it into the sauce until the desired thickness is achieved. Keep in mind that the sauce will naturally thicken further when refrigerated.


Storing: Once cooled, add the buffalo sauce to an airtight container and store in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.

Freezing: Allow the sauce to cool completely, then transfer it to freezer-safe containers or freezer bags. Leave some headspace to account for expansion. Buffalo sauce can be frozen for up to three months.


My buffalo sauce thickened too much in the fridge. How should I reheat it?

Because there is butter in the sauce, it can re-emulsify when refrigerated. To reheat, add to a microwave-safe container and stir. Warm the sauce in the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, and proceed to stir or whisk until it regains its smooth and cohesive texture.

Why is there egg yolk in this buffalo sauce?

The egg yolk is included in this Buffalo sauce recipe as an emulsifier, helping to create a smooth and cohesive texture throughout the sauce. It forms an emulsion with the other ingredients, particularly the butter, preventing them from separating and resulting in a creamy and consistent sauce.

Can I substitute margarine or oil for the unsalted butter in the recipe?

While margarine or oil can be used as a substitute, keep in mind that they may alter the flavor and texture of the Buffalo sauce. Butter contributes a distinct richness and creamy consistency, so using a substitute may result in a different overall taste and mouthfeel.

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

Homemade Buffalo Sauce

This Homemade Buffalo Sauce Recipe takes the traditional flavors of tangy Frank's hot sauce, rich butter, and a hint of sweetness and combines them in a convenient and easy-to-make sauce. The result is a perfectly balanced and flavorful sauce that's ideal for coating crispy chicken wings or adding a spicy kick to your favorite dishes!

PREP TIME 5minutes 
COOK TIME 10minutes 
TOTAL TIME 15minutes 
CUISINE American
CALORIES 166 kcal




  • Add hot sauce, butter, garlic powder, honey, Worcestershire sauce, and black pepper in a medium pot. Heat sauce over medium heat until the sauce starts to boil, whisking occasionally. Turn down the heat to low and simmer for 10 minutes.
  • Allow sauce to cool for 5 minutes. Meanwhile, in a small bowl, whisk egg yolk, water, and cornstarch. Then vigorously whisk egg slurry into the sauce and continue to whisk for 2 minutes.

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