How to Order Gift Baskets Online

Placing your order online

Take your time shopping our unique, hand made gift basket selection and when you are ready follow the instructions below.

Adding items to your shopping cart

  • On the product page do the following.
  • Select any of the applicable options (size, gender, color, etc.).
  • Click the "Add To Cart" button located on the product page.
  • You will be given the choice to checkout or continue shopping.

Viewing your shopping cart

  • On the "My Cart" page you will see the quantity, name, item number, price, quantity and any options you have chosen.
  • You will have the opportunity to change the quantity or remove items from your cart on the "View Cart" page.
  • If you ever need to view your shopping cart you can click the My Cart link above the search bar on every page.
  • If you choose to "Checkout" you will be taken to our secure checkout page.
  • If you choose to Continue Shopping you will be taken back to the home page.

Checking Out

  • Our advanced checkout process is a secured system capable of shipping to one or multiple addresses.
  • Follow the prompts along the process and you will have no problems. 
  • You can go back during any step to make changes or add additional information.
  • When you have entered all information you can "Checkout" and you will get one last chance to review your order before you complete it.
  • After confirmation you will be taken to a receipt page with order number and payment information. We recommend you print this page for your records.

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